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Without an overall strategic framework, to facilitate the independence and retention of wealth inside the country, Australia could easily find itself completely captured by overseas interests. Moreover, a degradation of the Australian economy would likely have a detrimental impact on the ability of the ADF to maintain its current equipment and personnel.

Although open trading is desirable policies must enacted so that a certain level internal functionality can be maintained in vital areas. Some investment in the following sectors would be prudent:

# Maintenance of a domestic oil refining capability.

# Maintenance of a domestic technological and industrial capability.

# Maintenance of a domestic arms industry.

# Maintenance of a physically and mentally healthy civilian population.

# Protection of the Nation's Sovereign Wealth from foreign acquisition.

# Requirement of Financial Institutions (Commercial Banks) be insulated from overseas financial market collapses (likely from a Derivatives Market apocalypse - see HERE also.)

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As you might be aware, a great deal of what is proposed here is wishful thinking. However, with bigger budgets and bigger imaginations some of these things may come to fruition. Please treat this page as a conceptual exercise and change the structure or substitute other equipment to suit your own thoughts on how the ADF should be equipped in 2024-30.

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