ADF Air Transport (Fixed and Rotary Wing)

The following are key air transport assets of the ADF. A few alterations to the current line-up have been included for enhanced future capability:

Air Force:

(8) C-17A Globemaster III strategic transports.

(5) A400M Atlas airlifter/tankers - their secondary tanking function being primarily to support attack aircraft squadrons. This aircraft type may replace the C-130J.

(12) C-130J Hercules transports - currently in service.

(10) C-27J Spartan tactical transports - due for delivery in 2015.


(12) CH-47F Chinooks - increased from 7 currently in operation.

(46) NH90s - currently replacing the Blackhawk fleet.

(34+) UH-1H Huey IIs - upgraded with night vision systems as part of a new, relatively low cost, Army aviation reserve force.


(12+) AW101s - replacing the NH90s (presently shared with the Army) to be used primarily for air transport operations onboard the Canberra Class LHDs.

(24+) SH-60R Seahawks - currently on order for use in ASW, Surface Attack and General Purpose transport.

(18+) AS565 MB Panther helos as a light multi-purpose fleet helo operable off the Gowind OPV vessels with two (2) specifically designated for each Canberra Class LHD in the aircrew rescue role when operating the AV-8B.

(8+) AW609 Tiltrotors equipped with inflight refueling probes for long range search and rescue. 

 *The trouble-plagued NH90s may be replaced by the UH-60M in the near future if necessary. In the long term NH90s, AW101s and SH-60Rs are to be replaced with either the AVX Coaxial Rotor Platform, the AW609 Tiltrotor and related developments, the SB-1 Coaxial Rotor Platform or a combination of these aircraft once they are fully developed.

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