ADF Army Vehicles (Armour, Artillery and Support)

Army equipment comprises current and future vehicle acquisitions for 1st (Frontline), 2nd (Reserve) and 3rd (Irregular) Divisions of the Australian Army. Only core warfighting equipment is covered. All vehicles must incorporate high magnification day/night optical sighting equipment with IR capability. Armoured vehicles must be equipped with Active Protection Systems, ERA for the heavier platforms, and guns of 105mm-120mm will have missile firing capability. Note: The retention of heavy armour is seen as necessary to provide additional firepower where required. Increased numbers of artillery and mortar equipped vehicles are seen as an essential requirement. All new equipment types must be tested over a period of at least 18-24 months in select units before being accepted or rejected. See wikipedia for more basic details on the Australian Army.

Frontline Equipment:

(120+) Leopard 2A7 or K2 Black Panthers with 55 calibre gun.

(200+) Lynx KF-41s in support of Main Battle Tanks with twin ATGW pods for use in anti-tank, anti-IFV, and infantry carrier roles. Additional numbers of KF-41s with 105mm/120mm turrets should be considered as (indirect and direct) fire support and anti-armour platforms. Anti-air variants should also be developed.

(350+) Boxer CRVs to act as the leading rapid reaction force vehicle, functioning as Armoured Scout-IFVs (fitted with twin ATGW launchers), 105mm/120mm turret Fire Support/Anti-Tank, 120mm Mortar, AAA, Command, plus Evac roles.

(130+) Jaguar EBRC 6x6 reconnaissance vehicles will be introduced when they become available. Up to thirty should be equipped with a 105mm gun. The current ASLAVs will be refurbished with upgraded optical sights and placed in storage.

(1000) Bushmaster PMVs - to be kept in their current role, with some being part of a rapid reaction force equipped with 12.7mm gun/40mm grenade remote weapon stations, and ATGW variants. This rapid reaction force element, of more than 350 vehicles, should eventually be replaced with the Textron TAPV. A number of these vehicles should also act as battlefield UAV support platforms.

(900+) Hawkei LPMVs for scouting & light utility, upgraded with engine compartment protection against 7.62mm rounds, and featuring weapons options available to the VBL.

(80) G6 Rhino Self Propelled 155mm/52 Calibre Artillery introduced with a wheeled automatic resupply vehicle (such as the K9-K10 tracked artillery combination).

(48) CAESAR Self Propelled 155mm/52 Calibre Artillery - transportable via C-130 with a potentially modified mine resistant truck component.

(88) EVO 105 Truck Mounted Howitzer - 105mm mobile artillery.

(54) M777 Ultra lightweight 155mm Towed Artillery

Unmanned Ground Vehicles:
Wheeled and tracked unmanned ground vehicles will be acquired for use primarily in mine detection and to aid in clearing entrenched (fixed) enemy positions or in urban combat.

(100+) Wheeled Autonomous Robotic Vehicles - to be used as convoy lead vehicles in the anti-mine role and as gun platforms using 12.7mm weapons and ATGW.

(50+) Uran-9 tracked UGVs - will be trailer mounted for transport and equipped with a 30-40mm gun and ATGW.

Reserve Force and Waterborne Vehicles:
Reserve Army units (2nd Division) are to be strengthened considerably from their present state using upgraded existing equipment. A dedicated amphibious commando force, well armed, will be established to add a level of flexibility in low threat regional operations. Additionally, a mobile irregular defence force element (3rd Division) is to be established using modified technical vehicles led by regular army Hawkei PMVs.

(550+) M113AS4 Multi-role APCs - retained as infantry carriers with an increased number configured in the fire-support mortar role.
(5000+) Hilux Technical Vehicles - will be fitted with armoured windscreens and ballistic protection inserts around the cab and engine to protect against 7.62mm rounds. They will be armed with 12.7mm guns and ATGWs with (standard) high magnification sights, plus some vehicles will carry 81mm mortars.

(80) Arisgator M113s - fielding 12.7mm guns, 40mm grenade launchers, with mortar and ATGW variants.

(60) Terrex 2 - armed with the same weapons as the Arisgators but with a 105mm gun variant.

Air Support:

(44) Tiger ARHs (or replacement AH-64E) - increased from the present 22 helos. See here for more on the ARH.

(27) OH-58Ds (or F models) - An upgrade of the existing Kiowa fleet to also perform light attack duties. Some or all of these aircraft will be further upgraded with AVX coaxial rotors and thrust fans or S-97 Raiders.

(20+) MQ-9 Reapers - UAV tactical recon and light attack squadron(s). The main Army entry recommends extensive use of varying types of UAVs, including small commercial drones, in order to improve situational awareness on the battlefield.


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