Future Royal New Zealand Air Force

The RNZAF in 2012 does not field any combat aircraft having mothballed its A-4K Skyhawks. Because of an extremely tight budget a range of relatively cheap modern aircraft, that cost little to maintain, is essential. Future ADF Page suggests the following:

(14) Saab Gripen NG Multi-Role Fighters.

(18) BAE Hawk 127s.

These aircraft must be AESA radar equipped, either via an underwing pod or installation in the nose cone. If the Gripen is deemed unaffordable at least six more 127s should be purchased so two squadrons of aircraft can be fielded.

(14)  Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucanos.

These aircraft must serve a dual role in training and COIN duties. They should be able to carry FLIR pods or (future) AESA radar pods that allow for limited air-to-air capabilities against helos or fast jets.

(8) MQ-9 Reaper/Mariner UAVs.

(5) P-8A Poseidon Martime Patrol Aircraft (upgraded to include a MAD detector) - replacing the P-3K Orions in the mid 2020s once the new platform is fully developed.

(5) C-130J Hercules transports - replacing the C-130H models.

(6+) Attack helicopters provided by Navy MH-60R Seahawks (see link for details).

(10) NH90 Medium transport helicopters - increased from the eight already on order.

(2) CH-47F Chinooks - with a mind for use in disaster relief operations.

(7) Huey IIs - to operate as a low cost reserve aviation force, upgraded with IR and night vision capability.