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This defence-concepts page presents an idealised future weapons selection for the Australian Defence Force aimed at the years 2024 to 2030. Also included on the sidebar column are entries dealing with the Royal Navy, the New Zealand Air Force & Navy, and a future US Navy Air Wing among other items.

The overall content is admittedly inspired by lessons learnt from the Falklands War and is highly skewed towards power projection. As a consequence, this page revolves around Air Force and Navy force composition rather than Army. However, this site does offer a more astute assessment of future ADF requirements, in terms of necessary materiel and structure, in this 2015 Defence White Paper submission which includes a significant strengthening of Australian land forces.

It should be recognised that not all elements proposed here may be achievable, although most of what is outlined mirrors planning already undertaken. Please note: the highest priority ADF capabilities to be considered, some of which are not covered on this 'big ticket items' page, are:

#1 Intelligence monitoring capabilities; Elint/Sigint, satellite (via the US), strategic UAVs + human (not covered here).

#2 Long range Radar/IR technology; includes airborne, seaborne and ground based systems (not covered here in detail).

#3 Air Supremacy via Long Range Multi-Role Fighters (also used for strike mission requirements).

#4 Strategic (RAAF) and Tactical (Army) UAV Squadrons (three squadrons in total).

#5 Expanded Submarine force, with significant Tomahawk cruise missile strike/anti-ship capability.

#6 Expanded Army and Reserve Forces (covered briefly in the Editorial and Army sections).

*See the side column for a short Editorial Comment on the overall role of the Future ADF. Plus click here to see the present extent of the site, if not already viewing it. This text only represents an introduction to the Future ADF Page. This site is updated from time to time - look out for modifications and/or new material. Note: The website will be extensively updated in late 2017 through 2018 with current content archived.

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